Forbidden Fruit
/fəˌbɪd(ə)n ˈfruːt/
phrase of forbidden
A thing that is desired all the more because it is not allowed.

What does Forbidden Fruit mean to us? Forbidden fruit is the journey into another realm of quality within our products, through the development of the brand we have faced many challenges which have limited us both creatively and physically. These served as a barrier to reaching our desired goal in terms of quality and design. The level of quality we have attained with this new drop would be perceived as the Forbidden Fruit in our industry.

We’ve worked tirelessly to further develop our tees, as an outcome we’ve achieved a higher quality garment taking our tees from 200gsm to 235gsm, merged with an impeccable 4 colour screen print that blends seamlessly with the garment, with one of the key colours being red, we started with red prints so as we move into another realm of quality, design & execution it’s only right red was added to the palette of this drop.

The t-shirt comes packaged in an apple tray with two apples.