Acta Sanctorum Manna is a currency & loyalty scheme designed to give back to loyal customers. You can choose to spend your MANNA in our online store at anytime as this will also be credited to your online account automatically in the form of points, or you could reserve your MANNA to be spent in our upcoming pop up stores and workshops, the choice is yours.

1 MANNA = £1

£1 = 100 MANNA Points,

MANNA points being the digital version of the currency.

Each full price purchase is awarded 5 MANNA (£5.00) (500 MANNA points)
Creating an account on our store = 2.5 MANNA (£2.50) (250 MANNA points)
Every £1 you spend on our store you are awarded = 0.05 MANNA (5p) (5 MANNA points)